Healthy Romance Advice

Romance is one of the wonderful experiences that define us as humans. It elevates and enriches our lives. It inspires great (and not so great) art that can open our hearts to love.

If romance is so fundamental to the human experience, how come it can feel so elusive at times? And why is it so hard to maintain? Is it only real or valid if it is "accidental or spontaneous"? Or is romance a skill or quality we can nurture in our daily lives?

For romance in the modern era, there are many choices and really no rules. While a dozen roses may make one woman tingle from head to toe, it may leave the next one cool as a cucumber.

The art of creating a life filled with romance is to first understand your own personal romance strategy, and then to begin to learn your partner's unique strategy.

Your partner’s love strategy may be similar or even very different from your own.

Each of us is unique and when it comes to romance what we want and like may be very different than what our partner responds to. Yet we can give you some romance advice that has worked time and again.

The first step is to understand your own beliefs, hopes and dreams about what romance is.  Many people know more about their cell phone then they know about how romance is wired in their brains.  That is, their romance strategy is mostly unconscious.  By asking yourself what romance means to you, you begin to become conscious of what you really want and can start attracting the right partner to you.  If you have never asked yourself what it is that you think is truly romantic, you are just stumbling blindly, in the hopes of crashing into someone who shares your same approach.  But if you take the time to really ask yourself what you need to feel romantic, you have a much better chance of communicating that to a partner.

Remember romance is very individual.  What ignites one person’s fire leaves another cold.  There is nothing wrong with having very specific tastes, but you also want to be flexible to have your heart thumping to a brand new beat.

We think you will find very helpful tools in the pages in this section to help you master the art of romance, for yourself, for the person you love...and to learn how to keep romance alive for all time!

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