Ideas For A Fun Date To Open Your Hearts

Forget all the old ideas for a fun date. Why sit in a restaurant or a movie when you can do something you will both remember forever? Do something original! The trick, especially on a first date, is how to get your attention off yourself, and put it on your partner.

This means you need to open your ears and your heart. Ask questions that show you are truly interested in what is important to them, how they feel, what they think, what matters most to them. Maybe even ask them what they would like to do for someone else.

Maybe you or your date have a favorite cause or charity. This is a great way to get to know each other's interests and values. Maybe you or your partner have always wondered about volunteering at an animal shelter, a soup kitchen, an after school program, an art museum or your local opera company. Even if you've never done anything like this before, it's a great way to understand what warms and opens each other's hearts!

Even if you don't take action on this right away, it's a great conversation to have and gives you positive plans for the future, thereby investing in each other and the relationship. Generating ideas for a fun date, even if you can't do them right away, creates a bond and increases the sense of possibility between you.

Be sure to think outside the box, and imagine from the point of view of what would be fun, even if you don't know how to go about it yet.

For a truly original date idea, how about hugging a stranger? How about hugging a lot of strangers? We all need hugs and seldom get them. It is like there is a shortage of hugs in today’s world. What if you and your date went out and hugged a bunch of people? Does that sound insane? It is really a powerful experience. And the best news is that you won’t be the first person to do it.

Watch this wonderful video about a man who went into public places with a sign reading “Free Hugs.” It wasn’t easy at first, but one man with a brilliant idea can lift the spirits and change anyone he touches. Can you imagine doing that with a first date partner? Watch this video before you read any more:

Free Hugs Video

Although some people who saw this man were hesitant at first, he stuck with it. There is power in numbers, so if you can get a couple of friends to do this with you it is a lot easier than going at it alone. The reason this is such a great idea for a fun date is that you see each other in your best light, giving to others. The warmth, generosity and spontaneity are contagious. You see your date and your date sees you in a wonderful light, the light of giving to others.

Can you imagine where you might go to give “Free Hugs?” A hospital? An assisted living center? A College? A business conference? A bus station? There is no limit to ideas for a fun date if you take the approach of thinking of a date as an opportunity to be of service to others.

The only limit is your imagination.

Even if “Free Hugs” is too big a stretch for you, the idea of doing something useful for someone else as an activity is a great idea for a fun first date. This is truly an original date idea. It takes the strain off sitting and staring at each other, or both of you staring at a screen. It gives you something worthy and memorable to do, and it is hard to not like somebody who is giving something of themselves to another.

So we encourage you to think about what you would like to contribute to another, and then invite someone to do that with you. Can you imagine if everyone did this? It is a wonderful idea for a fun date at any point in the relationship.

FREE HUGS! That's great. But what are your original ideas for a fun date?

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