Emotional Happiness 
The Secret is to Be Willing to Love

Are you looking for emotional happiness? Frankly, who isn’t. And we naturally look to love to find it. The question is, are you looking for love in all the wrong places? You are if you expect a perfect partner to MAKE you feel happiness. Happiness is an inside job and has to do with your willingness to FEEL love.

This means that, with or without a partner, behaving as the prince or princess of your dreams. and choosing happiness. Because in order to find emotional happiness, it turns out the Beatles were right!

“All you need is love…. Love is all you need!” The Beatles tapped into a deep wisdom when they sang that song. Sure, we need the survival basics, food, water and shelter. We need to pay the rent, we need toys and amusements, but when you get right down to what it takes to really be happy, to find emotional happiness, all you need is…you know.

If money and fame could make you happy, there would be no one in Hollywood at the Betty Ford Clinic. If success could bring you love, then all those celebrity gossip shows would have no divorces to splash across the airwaves. Love is really the best path to emotional happiness – but not just romantic sunset and walks on the beach, ga-ga new love, but everyday, and in every way, love.

Love of life!

Frankly, when you sit down and think about it, the happiest moments of your life were either doing something you love, or being with someone you love, maybe a little of both. The common denominator in all those wonderful memories, is love.

And here’s the secret, it wasn’t necessarily that the other person or activity was loving you back. It was you doing the loving.

We’ve been taught to think of love as if it were a noun. Those fairy tales convinced us that love is a thing that somehow falls on you if you’re really lucky.

But the truth is, love is a verb, as in something you do or don’t do. Love is an active verb. It is either something you are doing, or something that you are not doing. If you are loving, you're emotional happiness rises.

This means that if love is something that you do or don’t do, then love is a choice. It is a choice to feel loving at any given moment. And since it is a choice, why would you choose anything else? Sound simple? The truth often is.

The great thing is that when you are feeling loving, and it could be for love of country, the trees outside your window, the colors in the sky, your pet, or for anybody, it improves your state of mind dramatically. And it benefits your physical well being as well as your state of emotional happiness.

We're not asking you to just take our word about the impact of choosing to feel love. You can only prove it to yourself by applying this principle. Take a test drive with this idea for yourself. After you read this paragraph, think of something or someone you love.

Now, step two is not the thinking part. Step two is to really feel the love you have for that person, place or thing. Thinking about love is a pleasant thing to do, but actually feeling it in your heart is what will give you the maximum benefit.

Did you do it? If you did you will be feeling better immediately. If you really let yourself focus on what you love, you will feel the lift in your spirit. You can literally feel the rise in emotional happiness. You can do this anywhere, even standing in line.

Try it the next time you ride in an elevator, or stop at a red light, or even when staring right at the person you’re annoyed at. In fact, decide to do it anytime you are waiting for something. That way instead of wasting time and precious opportunities by just waiting, you can use this moment to improve the quality of your life.

Love feels good. Loving is the secret to emotional happiness.

Everything else feels less than good. Do you want to feel good? Then you know what you need to do. Whether or not you have a partner you can feel love. There are plenty of married people who forget to practice this simple wisdom, so don’t fall into the trap of believing that you have to have a partner in order to feel love.

And if you are out of practice, start simply. Decide to feel thirty seconds a day of pure love. Don’t let anything get in the way of this delicious treat. Try it for thirty days, and your ability to love, and to feel happy, will increase dramatically.

Start loving right now and watch the magic unfold! Love is good. Love is all you need to feel happy.

This is our wish for you…feel more love. Thirty seconds, over time, can change your whole world. Loving is the secret ingredient for your happiness!

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