Love Oracle
By Genie Joseph, PhD

We could all use a bit of wisdom when it comes to love.  After all, if love was easy, everyone would do it. So I created the Love Oracle. After being a relationship counselor for over two decades, I began to see certain patterns or blind spots that people had.

This lead me to create a system to help people understand these 333 archetypal issues in love. I developed it into a fun game that I called The Love Oracle. It is not for prediction – it is about self-understanding. Its purpose is to give you insights that help you remove your own obstacles that may be blocking you from finding the relationship of your dreams.

We all have these blocks or negative patterns that keep us cycling round and round in the same issues. But we can move toward what we what instead of struggling against what doesn’t serve us.

This system is not advice but rather provides guidance to help you understand how to make better choices that lead to more satisfying relationships. This system works whether you are currently in a relationship and want it to be healthier, more authentic, and fulfilling, or you are seeking a relationship that makes your heart sing.

The Love Oracle helps you discover what may be holding you back so that you can dissolve your inner obstacles. Understanding your own patterns frees you to change them. Releasing old blocks can open your heart to the intimacy you seek. I believe the Love Oracle will help you be free and to open the door to love.

How to Use the Love Oracle

You have two ways you can work with this method: You can just take a chance using “Cupid’s Arrow,” which is kind of like a fortune cookie for love. These answers can provide surprising insight to help you move forward or refrain from taking the wrong action.

Or – you can formulate a question in your mind. This question should be about yourself, not the other person. So it should be an “I” statement. For example, “What is holding me back when it comes to love?” Or: “What do I need to release in order to have the love of my dreams?” Asking a question about how YOU can change is going to lead you in the right direction. You have the power to change your thoughts, your words, and your behaviors once you see yourself and your actions clearly.

For this kind of reading, you will choose a number from 1-333. Enter this number, and then select a color from the choices. Then select a direction. This will be a more specific answer. But whichever method you choose, consider the wisdom of the Love Card Oracle. It may or may not be obvious at first. The idea is to let it roll around in your mind, muse on the wisdom provided, even if your conscious mind does not immediately understand it. I have used this method with thousands of clients, and if you are open, it will work.

Have fun with this process, and return to it whenever you feel you could benefit from some inspired wisdom. I would love to hear how the Love Oracle has served you.

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