Intuition And Love

By Genie Joseph, Ph.D.

Intuition is your best ally when it comes to love.  If you are not paying attention to your intuition now – you will pay for it later

Intuition is your inner-knowing, your gut sense.  Your intuition can know things your logical mind can’t even imagine.  This is because they are different mental operating systems.  They are both very necessary, but some people have chosen to try to conduct their lives without a partnership between these two different sides of ourselves.

Logic uses prior knowledge and experience as its main reservoir for drawing conclusions.  Intuition can use the past, but can make huge leaps into the unknown.  Logic can only know what it knows – intuition can go beyond your present beliefs, behaviors, and expectations.

Intuition is your most important ally in love.  You want to include it in any important decision you make.  Intuition can see around corners, past blind spots, and through walls – even mental walls.  Intuition is your lifeline to the truth.  Now, the trick is how to recognize what is your intuition, and what is just “inner nagging.”  You want to get to know HOW your intuition communicates with you.  Does it come in a flash?  Do you hear a still, small voice?  Do you feel a certain feeling in your gut?  

Men and women have equal potential to be fully intuitive, although women are given more cultural support to listen to it.  Everyone’s intuition is unique.  Think back on a time when you had an intuitive flash, or knowing.  Did you follow it, or ignore it?  What happened?  Take some time to reflect on these experiences in your life (yes, you have had them) – and you need to get quiet and remember them, because they are your “intuitive escrow.”  You build trust by really acknowledging that you have intuition, and that it has your best interest at heart.

Think back to a time when you ignored your intuition in love.  Were there red flags very early on that you chose to ignore?  What was the price of ignoring these sacred messages?  Connecting to your intuition is a very polite process, in that if you continually ignore it, it will stop knocking on your mental door.  The more you use it – and appreciate it, like a muscle of the mind – it gets stronger.

Here are Seven Tips that you are NOT getting a message from your intuition:

  1. The voice is harsh and critical – like a nagging parent
  2. The voice is angry or judgmental
  3. The voice tries to get you to do something you know is wrong
  4. The voice replays in your mind like an endless record
  5. The voice makes you feel anxious or unclear
  6. The voice only tells you what you think you want to hear – and refuses to read the “signs” that are present
  7. The voice is anxious and emotionally agitated

Your intuition may have something to tell you that you don’t want to hear, but it is not aggressive or complicated in its message.  It is a disciplined art and practice to become good at listening to your intuition, which prefers to come in quietly, and not when you are emotionally turbulent.  For this reason you want to cultivate a practice of listening to the silence – because in the silence, all answers can be heard. 


To help people learn to identify and reliably trust their intuition, I, Genie, have created an audio MP3 called How to Develop Your Intuition. If you would like to purchase a copy,  give us your email address then click the buy now button and you will be directed to PayPal where you can use your credit card or bank account to pay for it. I'll then send you the mp3 which you can play through your computer or phone or mp3 player. The cost is $2.95. 

We would love to hear your comments and success stories after you have worked with the skills and techniques in this MP3 program.

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Your Intuition can help you make the right decisions in any area of your life – love is especially the domain of Intuition.  Your Intuition is waiting for you to become its partner – then you will always choose the right partner in life.

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