Mothers Intuition
By Genie Joseph, MA

My mother lives five thousand miles away and yet somehow at that distance she knows when something is wrong. She can tell if I am not well, or something is causing stress. How does she know these things even before she calls me? It’s “Mother’s Intuition” of course. Actually we all have this ability. It doesn’t only belong to mothers. But there is something special about this bond that transcends time and space.

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In my Intuition class, which I recently taught at the University of Hawaii, a wonderful mom, Betty Pearson, who is in her eighties, told this story, which has equal parts of sadness and joy. It's a wonderful example of mothers intuition. Betty is an artist who paints beautiful images. She was a total delight to have in class. She is not afraid to open the doors to her inner world. She wrote the story below about an experience she had in 1968, and read it in class. It had such a tremendous impact on the class that I asked her if I could share this story with you, my readers.

Betty’s Story

“I was sound asleep when I heard a terrible noise and flashes of light like lightening all around me. I woke up screaming. It seemed a bomb had gone off over me. It was a most frightening experience as I saw a plane fall from the sky. My husband tried to calm me and told me it was only a bad dream, but I told him: “Our son is dead. His plane has exploded.”

I was at work as a travel agent, and that next morning a call came about eleven o’clock, to come home immediately. When I arrived a government agency car was in the driveway. Then an Air Force officer met me at the door. He said: “Captain Anthony Pearson is dead. His plane had been shot down in a night raid in Vietnam.”

My grieving was intense. About a week later my son Anthony came to me in a dream. I walked around the corner of our house with a basket of clothes under my arm. Tony took the basket and we walked to the clothesline. He set the basket down on the grass and put his arm around my shoulder. We walked to an old wooden bench under an apple tree. The tree overlooked the grassy slope, the stretch of beach and the blue waters of Puget Sound. He said to me: ‘Mother, you must let me go. I have work to do in another realm. I will be with you when you are ready and you will never have to work so hard again.’

Such a feeling of peace came over me that it is indescribable. I know that death is like walking through another door and is not ever to be feared.”

I was delighted that Betty was willing to share this story of a mothers intuition with others, because we all need inspiration and the reminder of our eternal connection with those we love. I bet if you think about it, you can remember a story of your mothers intuition and/or how Intuition worked in your life. It may not be as dramatic a situation as Betty’s was, but it was a moment that you have never quite forgotten, where you had a knowingness that was seemingly inexplicable. It might have been a time when you followed this inner guidance, or it might have been a time when you wish you had. Either way, it is a learning tool, and an invitation to trust this most sacred part of ourselves. Remembering this intuitive flash is a way of strengthening the connection between you and your deepest connection to all that is.

When it comes to our loved ones, we can learn to respect and trust our intuition. It is a precious thread connecting us to our loved ones. Hopefully, in more positive situations, but it is important to respect this deep knowingness that you have. Of course, you have to use critical thinking and test your perceptions, but it is important not to overlook this important connection to your inner voice. Listening can guide you to your truth.

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