Free Romance Tips for Women 
Your Power of Attraction

The most important free romance tip for women is to own your power. If you are a woman you have the power of attraction. It is your very feminine essence. However, if you are not comfortable with it, or you haven’t taken it for a test drive recently, it may feel very rusty. Can you imagine what your life would be like if you reclaimed this innate power? All interactions, even simple ones in a store, at the airport, or waiting in line might be opportunities for more connection and fun.

Free Romance Tips #1: Be Yourself. 
What is your power of attraction? It is simply your willingness to be yourself, plus the willingness to send your essence out. Think of it as an “energetic invitation.” It is like exuding your smile with your whole being. It is not about the words you use. It is not about clever lines. It is your “aura” and can even be a silent message you send out around you. It is about the energy and intention, the willingness to invite connection. It may sound mysterious at first, but the moment you try it, you’ll be amazed by the power of sending out a clear “aura” message. People will even feel it at a distance!

Free Romance Tips #2: Own Your Own Power 
The best advice I can give to women who want to up the “fun-quotient” in their lives is to reclaim their God-given power of attraction. You already have it, so use it! This power can help you in your social life and your business life. The truth is that you already have the power of attraction, you just may not know how to access it. How do I know this? You’re human. You were born with it. You were born with everything you need for signs of flirting with anyone you want to attract.

Babies have this power. Watch an infant with his mother. When he is just a couple of months old he knows just how to flash that big smile to get her attention. He quickly learns that this grin gets her joyous response back. It’s a back and forth cycle of body language and cooing that creates a “feedback loop,” reinforcing each other’s behavior.

This little baby has learned how to get nurturing attention. He has learned how to use the power of attraction to keep his mother engaged. This bonding is critical to a healthy relationship between mother and child, and begins from the first moment of contact.

Free Romance Tips #3: Don’t Be Afraid Of Your Power 
We all have the power of attraction within us. The question is -- where did it go? Did you forget how to use it? Did you become afraid of using it? Were you afraid of sending out the wrong message, or attracting the wrong kind of attention? Maybe you haven’t used your natural power of attraction for such a long time that it has become rusty.

The good news is that no matter how buried it feels, you still have this power of attraction. You simply need to learn how to use it as an adult. You need to learn how to use the power wisely so that it produces results you want, that are in alignment with your true values and deeper needs.

Recovering your power of attraction starts with knowing what it is or who you want to attract. Next, you learn, or should I say relearn what you have forgotten, the natural art of attraction.

Free Romance Tips #4: Take Action! Send Out Your Signal Most women are missing the opportunities that are all around them for meaningful and playful interaction and connection between themselves and others. This is often because they are misreading the signals and signs of flirting that other people are sending. They don’t realize when the body language from the person across the room is saying “Hey, I would like you to come over and introduce yourself to me.”

Men are sending you signals all the time. Just like street lights, flashing “green” for go, or “red” for keep your distance, they are telling you with non-verbal cues exactly what it is they want you to do.

What happens for many women is that their “negative self-talk,” (their internal nag), starts doubting the cues their intuitive mind is receiving. You start second-guessing an interaction, reading too much or too little, or worse, all the wrong messages into a simple or casual moment. Then a simple interaction might as well have Return to Sender written on it.

And the “senders” aren’t doing so well either. I constantly see people in my seminars who believe they are sending out signs of flirting and “come hither” cues, when in fact they are sending very mixed messages to the opposite sex. Their body language is a jumble of confusion, leaving the other person in a quandary about how to approach. The result -- two people miss each other’s signs of flirting and miss a chance to connect and explore the possibilities. Life is filled with these tiny missed moments.

But it doesn’t have to be. You can learn to understand how to use your power of attraction to magnetize to yourself the kind of person and the type of interaction you truly desire. You can stop attracting the wrong kind of encounter. You can learn to harness your natural power of attraction to raise your confidence level in all social interactions. You can learn new behaviors that are like magnets for the type of person you want in your life and in your business.

The life-changing power of attraction is yours. You are doing it anyway. Just become conscious and deliberate about using it. It really makes life more fun, because all you are doing is being yourself, the person you are truly meant to be. This newly remembered freedom will open you to the possibilities that are all around you.

Our Free Romance Tips to women all over the world: Claim your power of attraction and allow all the good things coming your way into your life now!

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