Focus On Love To Attract Love
By Genie Joseph, PhD

When you are in love you are attractive. People are drawn to people who are happy and healthy, full of hope and optimism. The secret to finding love is not to wait until you find it but to focus on love! Focus on what you love, who you love – anything from the color of the sky, to your pet, to life itself. Focusing your thoughts and attention on what you love keeps you feeling good and grateful. It is attractive to be around people who are in this energy. Feeling love is attractive, people want to be around people who are radiating positive energy and love is the most powerful positive energy.

Focus is one of my favorite words. Focus excites me because focus is the key to creation. If you are in the mood to create a better life for yourself, it might be easier than you think – certainly easier than the way you used to think. Here’s how it works: Where your attention is, energy gathers – and people and things respond or are drawn to matching energy. So focus on love!

It’s called the Law of Attraction. It means that like things attract like things. Have you noticed when your focus is on positive or pleasant thoughts that you feel better? It seems positive feelings attract more positive feelings and experiences. Thus good feelings lead to more good feelings because the focus or attention to positivity begins to attract more of the same. Focusing on good feelings leads to a good state of mind, which leads to more positive results. Things just seem to go your way when your focus is on positive outcomes.

Unfortunately – the rule works both ways. Focus on negative ideas (i.e., the act of worrying) creates more stress, less flow of ease and ultimately less energy to do what you really want. This is why, to quote the name of a book by Peter McWilliams, “You Can’t Afford the Luxury of a Negative Thought.” If you get sloppy or lazy with your focus, and allow your mind to wander into the slippery slope of negativity, you find yourself wallowing in some very murky waters.

Fortunately, with practice, you can train your mind to focus on love. If love is your goal, you can focus on everything you love, anything from your favorite foods, favorite colors, smells, tastes, textures. The point is to direct your mind to what you want, rather than focusing on what you don’t have.

You always have the choice of focusing on your goal, or to spend your energy focusing (even obsessing) on the obstacles to that goal. You can look left and you will see what is on the left. You can look right and you will get “right” results.

Try it now. Look up. You see what’s “up” because your focus is on “up.” Look down and you get “down” focus. It is not a question of one being “good” and the other being “bad,” it simply is that a different focus leads to a different result or outcome. Because you always have a choice of where you focus, you can train yourself to focus on the goal instead of the outcome. This positive focus gives you the momentum you need to continue when you hit the speed bumps of life.

When you focus on love can bring more love into your life. You attract what you focus on, and this is a powerful way to become more attractive to others.

Another powerful attribute of the use of focus is that it creates “a point of origin.” It is the beginning of all things. The mere fact that you have a goal defined (a point of origin) dramatically increases your chances of success. Once you can name the target, such as having real love in your life, you can begin to focus on love, and you have a much better chance of hitting it than if you just start firing off arrows into the abstract randomness of every day events.

None of us (saints excepted) can remain 100% focused on positivity all the time. The point is to regain your focus on your desired outcome (positivity) as soon as you recognize you have lost it. Like the lens of a camera, if you lose the focus – which makes everything you desire become blurry – you can re-focus with a simple but deliberate adjustment of your focus.

You can re-set your intention, and re-set your attention – which means, once again focus on love. This means, of course, you are going to have to stop focusing on what’s wrong! If you are staring at what you don’t like, it’s going to be very hard to see what you do like.

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