Communication Problems: 
And How Words Can Heal

Communication Problems can undermine the foundation of trust and safety in a relationship – because words can really hurt us on many levels. We all have anger and other difficult feelings from time to time but when we understand the power of words, we can begin a process of choosing words that help heal rather than do more harm. Understanding the power of words is one of the most important lessons for eliminating communication problems in a relationship.

The first principle to understand is that words express a vibration, like an emotional “sound ripple” that echoes – perhaps forever. To get a sense of how the impact of emotional anger impacts our body and heart, let’s look at the impact words have on water.

Dr. Masaru Emoto, a visionary researcher from Japan, has been studying the mystery of the effect of words on water. He has found that the crystalline structure of pure water can be impacted by thought, prayer and intention. In his book, The Message of Water he discusses his experiments where positive or negative words were “sent” or projected to water, and discovered that this impacted the water’s molecular structure. Research was conducted in several languages, including ones the researchers didn’t speak.

In one of his experiments, water was placed on a table, and 17 participants all stood in a circle holding hands. Then each of the participants spoke a beautiful word of their choice to the water. Words like unity, love, and friendship were spoken. Before-and-after shots of the water’s molecular structure were taken. The results showed beautiful crystalline clusters in the water following the infusion of positive energy. After much experimentation, Dr. Emoto discovered that the most powerful combination of thoughts in terms of capacity to transform were those that expressed "Love and Gratitude."

On the other hand, strong negative emotions, such as angry outbursts have the reverse effect. When you realize that words can impact the molecular structure of water, and then you remember that our bodies and brain is made up of nearly 90% water, you begin to think about the impact of angry outbursts on our cells, our hearts our minds. Angry outbursts may give the speaker a momentary sense of relief because of the release of energy – but there is a clean-up effort needed to restore the damage done.

How does a word, written, spoken or sent by thought or prayer affect the structure of water – and the water within our own bodies? According to Dr. Emoto, words actually convert the vibrations of nature into sound. And each language has unique vibrating qualities. Japanese has its own set of vibrations that differ from English. For example, no other word holds the same vibrations as the word “arigato,” which means ''thank you” in Japanese. The English words “thank you” which has the same meaning, has a slightly different impact on the water. So even when there is this mutual underlying meaning, “arigato” and “thank you” create slightly different crystalline structures in the water. Every word in every language is unique in terms of its crystal structure, according to Dr. Emoto’s experiments.

Understanding this impact will help you to choose your words carefully – because words do impact us emotionally – and all through our bodies, down to our very core cells. This understanding can help with all your communication problems. Angry outbursts that are expressions of emotional anger leave a ripple effect throughout our system.

In Dr. Emoto’s words: “Think of it in terms of vibration. It's easy to understand that language -- the spoken word -- has a vibration. Written words also have a vibration. Anything in existence has a vibration. Water in all of our cells can be imprinted with these vibrations. Beautiful words have beautiful, clear vibrations. But negative words put out ugly, incoherent vibrations, which do not form crystalline clusters. Language is not something artificial, but rather is something that exists naturally. I believe that language is created by nature.”

This explains why anger outbursts have so much potential impact. “This principle is what I think makes swearing and slang words destructive,” Dr. Emoto concludes, “These words are not in accordance with the laws of nature. So, for example, I think you would probably find higher rates of violent crime in areas where a lot of negative language is being used. As the Bible says, first there was the Word, and God created all of Creation from the Word.”

In another experiment, using written words, the researchers pasted specific words to bottles of water, and similar results were found. When words such as “Thank you,” or “You fool” were pasted to bottles of water, the water responded differently. Photographs of the altered crystal structure showed the rapid response to specific words.

The impact of this discovery increases when you remember that we live on a planet covered by more water than land mass, and that the human body is largely composed of water. So if we have the power to change the structure of the medium we are made of by simply producing positive thought patterns, we can restore not only our own health but that of everyone around us, and even the planet itself, with our every thought.

Dr. Emoto’s research indicates that human thoughts and emotions can alter the molecular structure of water. He has provided physical evidence that the power of our thoughts and spoken words can change the world within and around us. His work gives powerful testimony to the real influence our consciousness can have on the physical universe.

For those who have habitual angry outbursts, it is not easy to change this pattern, but understanding is the first step to changing behavior and solving your communication problems. If you are on the receiving end of these angry outbursts and are wondering why it feels so painful, perhaps this new perspective on the power of words will help you to understand the depth of your own reaction.

You can resolve your communication problems by talking to your partner, during peaceful moments, about the power of words. Perhaps if they can begin to appreciate the power words have over water, they can come to understand how words affect our bodies, our hearts and our minds. Even if you have a partner who resorts to angry outbursts, you can choose your own responsive words with more wisdom for your own peace of being.

Thank You! Arigoto!

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