Love Hawaii Time
A Mystical Love Story

By Genie Joseph, Ph.D.

A driven New York artist’s rep has no time for love or even her own life.  She is sent to Hawaii to convince a local painter to license his images for an international corporate campaign, and has three days to get him to sign the lucrative contract that would catapult her career.  But Kaikoa insists: “I am not for sale.”  She’s derailed by his commitment to his artistic integrity, and his infuriating refusal to follow any schedule -- he wears no watch, has no cell phone -- he is devoted to living in “Hawaii Time.”  

Nothing matters to him more than being fully engaged with the present moment.  His soulful deep brown eyes see signs everywhere, in the pattern of the waves, the movement of birds, and he has no use for her New York logic or timeline.  Without guidance from the spirit world of his ancestors, he won’t make a move.  Knowing that they live in two completely different relationships to time – and against all her better judgment, she senses she will never know love like this ever again.  Will she get on the plane and go back to her life in New York City – or follow her heart with abandon into his mysterious world.

A Note From Genie, who wrote the book as well as most of this website:

I was inspired to write this book because I wanted to help people understand their own relationship to time – especially as it relates to love.  Time is not an absolute fixed concept – as in either we have it or we don’t.  Whether or not we feel we have time depends on the choices we make.  In a certain sense we don’t really all have the same 24 hours in a day because we make different choices about how we engage or “spend” time.  

This book gives readers insight into their specific relationship to time – which either serves you, or constricts you.  You can either have a positive or negative relationship to time.  For example, you can be beholden to the past in a way that keeps you from fully enjoying the present.  Or you can be so concerned about the future that you don’t really let yourself enjoy what is right in front of you.  On the other hand, you can be so focused on the moment that you literally “loose time.”  

Once you become conscious of your personal time style, you can modify or change it.  When you cultivate this flexibility -- time can then become your ally instead of your enemy.  If you know how to manage a fluid and dynamic relationship to time, you can take your time instead of often feeling you are running out of time.

One of the ideas explored in my book, Love Hawaii Time is that instead of seeing time as a linear concept, moving forward on a time line, you can have a sense of the present as an ever expanding experience.  In this model of time, as you connect to the pleasure of the moment – time feels like a living, breathing sphere.  This can allow for a fuller experience.  Even in the ordinariness of this moment, your sense of pleasure deepens because you allow yourself to be enveloped by it; allowing whatever is happening right now to take precedence over worry about the future.  

This understanding of time has been very helpful for couples.  If you and your partner have a very different relationship to time, this can create a lot of stress in the day-to- day negotiations of how you each believe time should be allocated.  This tension can leave both partners feeling misunderstood, or even disrespected by the way their partner chooses to relate to time.  Conflict can thus arise because of the differences in how each one chooses their priorities.  Our relationship to time is a deep, often unconscious expression of our core values.  

Love Hawaii Time explores what happens when two people -- with opposite relationships to time -- fall in love.  While she is always “On time,” -- he is a “Moving through time” person.    

The way our brains are wired for time affects so many aspects of how we engage with each other.  When you come to understand and explore your specific “time style” you can then find more freedom around time.  Love Hawaii Time is a mystical love story that explores how people can learn to have a more balanced relationship to time and therefore each other.

I was coaching a lot of military couples on their relationship issues.  I found that often they each had different expectations around time.  They had different styles and desires about how to relate to their precious time together.  These differences caused them to make different choices.  Once I helped them understand each other’s core needs around relating to time, they became more flexible and many struggles just dissolved.  Instead of being rigidly stuck in one time mode or another – they learned to adjust to the situation, and surf the waves of time.  

It’s exciting to see readers wake up to this idea and begin to choose how they want to relate to time.   Being more in the moment enriches your experience of time – creating the space for deep, authentic love.  Once you expand your perception of presence, and open your heart in this way, you will have all the time in the world.

Please enjoy Love Hawaii Time.

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"This mystical love story reveals how our relationship to time is our dance with the universe."

Rev. Dr. Richard I. Ries, Psy.D., MSEd.

“Many couples struggle with their different styles of relating to time.  Love Hawaii Time gives priceless insight into how we can meet in the moment and find love.”

Mitzi Gold, Ph.D.

“I loved this book.  It explains so much about how people relate to time.  I wish I had read this book when I was twenty.  It would have changed everything for me.”

Steven Holborn, Ret Army Captain

“Love Hawaii Time is just a delightful book.  It makes you feel hope that love like this possible.”

Mary Louise Hill

“If you want to feel inspired by love, read Love Hawaii Time.  It shows you how two people from opposite sides of the clock can enter each other’s world.”

Alice Ann Romero

"Just reading this book was like a vacation for the mind. I loved every moment. It really gave me more insight into the concept of time vs. our relationship to love and life. It opened my eyes--just wish I could meet Kaikoa in real life. Treat yourself to "Love Hawaii Time"--it's a taste of Paradise!"

Wynona Bice-Stevens